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Introducing Black Hawk Rhino & XXLT Rhino Cages

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Made by BlackHawk the largest Powered Paraglider manufactured in the USA !

No other cage on the market has the strength, precision and quality of construction as the BlackHawk Cages.

See Cage & Harness Assemble VideoPage opens in seperate window !

Standard BlackHawk Rhino Cage & the BlackHawk Rhino XXLT Quad Cage.

Both the Standard Rhino cage with 146cm radius and the XXLT Rhino cage with 156cm radius are constructed with 20mm mig welded Aircraft grade aluminium tubing, and come with CNC'd connectors, Dual connection points at the left and right shoulder and an all new engine chassis.

These cages are 45% stronger than the past Rhino cage, the standard Rhino cage can now accommodates up to a 127cm (50") prop, whilst the Rhino XXLT is specially designed for Quad launch applications, as it is now built with a deeper cage, the increase in depth to accommodate our 4 stroke HellCay-360 and Revolver-320 engines.

For those seeking massive thrust for their wheel launched units, the XXLT Rhino cage features a 156cm hoop (10cm larger than the standard Rhino cage.

NB: The old XLT cage was made redundant by the deeper & larger XXLT cage.

  • The Standard Rhino cage can accommodate up to 127cm (50") propeller.
  • The Rhino XXLT cage can accommodate up to a 137cm (54") propeller.

Whilst either Cage can accommodate a slightly larger size prop it is not recommended.



Upgrade from the new Travel Cage to the new standard BlackHawk Rhino Cage with 122cm (48") propeller.

or Upgrade to the Rhino XXLT Cage that includes a 132cm or 137cm (52" or 54") propeller.

NB: The Rhino XXLT cage is recommended for use with a Quad as the 132cm propeller that produces excessive thrust designed for the extra weight, this combination could be dangerous if used by inexperienced pilots, plus being a bigger cage there is the chance of a shorter pilot contacting there feet on the bottom of cage whilst launching.

BlackHawk Paramotor's has designed a high quality cover for your Paramotor. This cover will fit a variety of PPG units, including our Pro Series, Travel and Rhino Frames.

This unit will also fit most other low hang point and high hang point units. This cover is sure to keep your Paramotor warm and cozy for years to come.

        • High Quality 600 Denier material
        • Vinyl backing for wind resistance and Water Proofing.
        • Has military grade webbing and reinforced handles.
        • Industrial grade #10 zippers.

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