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We have done the research, you just need to decide on the equipment !

 NB: This business sells PPG & WPPG equipment, we do NOT offer flight training ! 

However, if you look on our database there is a few local CFI that Train Pilots and we have & are involved in Paragliding, Powered Paragliding, Parachuting, Ultralights & other Aviation sports, extreme 4x4WD, Scuba Diving, Mechanical engineering & Tool making etc. for may years.

So, it was obviously a very natural process for us to be able to source the best portable Powered Paragliding (PPG) parts & equipment available.

We do not have the slightest interest in large bulky PPG's that need a trailer to be transported to a flight field or launch area, we only market high quality, strong, light weight, reliable equipment that can be assembled/dismantled and fitted into small boot, cargo cases or bags to take on holiday in a vehicle or aircraft for launching from a virtual postage stamp location.

Although some people that purchase our Quad choose to leave them fully or partly assembled as it obviously saves them time & gets them in the air quicker !

Whilst our business is Sydney based, we have Toll commercial freight accounts that allows us to distribute nationally and internationally, even to remote Australian locations if required.

Our Powered Paraglider Equipment focus is very simple !

      • Hi-Quality.
      • Compact & Light Weight.
      • Portable Foot & Wheel Launch.

Our largest & Heaviest WPPG equipment package weighs in at approx. 67kg, this includes the Tandem LowBoy Quad buggy with pilot and passenger seats, XXLT Rhino cage, engines, the standard Quad comes with Aluminium Aviation wheels & tyres fitted with 25mm fibreglass suspension axles, propeller, and Glider.

Our Quad Package Deal kits can pack comfortably into a hard padded type cargo case measuring approx. 175cm long x 80cm wide & 66cm depth, there is no smaller form of powered wheeled launch Aviation on the market that can easily be pulled apart & packed into such a small cargo crate that can be carried or thrown into the rear of a Sedan, 4X4WD or RV vehicle!

A Foot-launch PPG Kit will pack into a cargo cast or suitcase/bag approximately half that size.

In the early years of PPG's there was an absence of the current technological advanced gliders (wings) and equipment that we offer to you on our site today.

We have great expectation and vision for PPG types of Aviation, from a sports aspect with some degree able to replace or integrate alongside traditional forms of transport, from Horse to Helicopter.

PPG's are now even being used to locate lost livestock in National Park & mountain ranges, whilst working with ground based stockmen via radio, guiding them to the lost Stocks location thus saving many hours of searching on horseback with cattle dogs in tow. Mustering livestock out of mountain ranges in certain weather conditions with PPG can be dangerous, obviously it would be easier in flatter or less undulating terrain, like in the outback where single seater helicopters are apparently widely used on large farms, our PPG's are a fraction of the cost to purchase, run & maintain, than a single seat mustering type helicopter, obviously a PPG may not be a replacement but simply an alternative with far less complicated and safer form of Aviation, taking into account they are commonly use in calmer weather.

We have several friends and business associates that own Helicopter and/or are pilots, you may be interested in the following links!


Micro Home Power Grids: What the deceptive Electrical Retailers don't want you to know, is how the correct Batteries bank & Solar array will make anyone Power Independent for 30+ years, it is almost self funding, and depending on your power usage, will only takes 2~6years on average to accomplish !

Some Great Australian inventions;

The Thompson Coupling: A true constant velocity joint.

The Permo Drive: Captures energy wasted during braking and re-uses the same energy)

The Revetec Engine: The Worlds most fuel efficient IC Engine.

A Great American invention;

The Coates Rotary Valve System (RVS) (A Cylinder head with No Valve springs or Oil used)



Australia the largest Island continent in the World with a land mass of approximately 7'600'000 km2, there is no doubt we have abundant flying locations.

Unfortunately during the last several years around the greater Sydney region we have seen many 4x4WD access tracks leading to some of the best remote fishing and camping locations been virtually closed to most vehicles, like the lock down of the "Wollemi, Gloucester & Barrington National Parks that the people own", most of these closures are located in National Parks that were former State Forestry areas handed over to the National Parks to maintain, it is apparent that the NSW National Parks don't have the ability to maintain these roads and tracks in-house to the standard that the State Forestry had previously, this has greatly contributed towards most of these access roads being closed.

It is blatantly obvious to seasoned bushmen that a new breed of academic urban National Park Rangers and brain dead incompetent urban Greenies are the main reason behind these closures.

However, the good news is that Powered Paragliding has the ability to access these areas with no or very little environmental impact, enabling PPG pilots to see your favourite areas in a whole new way.

With our foot launch PPG there is virtually no areas you can't fly into (excluding restricted air space & dense forest) and select a landing location.

For a bit of fun, this is a video of a Beast of a Chain Drive 4x4WD with over 2mt of articulation, for those that enjoy serous off-roading.

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