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The new BlackHawk Kestrel-3 Series cages was designed for the Novice or Advanced pilots.

We've set a new industry standard with the Kestrel line of ultra-lightweight frames. BlackHawk Paramotors USA, the “Leader in Paramotor Innovation,” is very excited to announce the ALL-NEW 2019 Kestrel V3 Frame & Cage! After several months of testing prototypes and feedback from our Team Pilots, we've managed to create the most rigid single-hoop Paramotor Frame we've ever produced. This lightweight next-generation Kestrel is extremely durable, loaded with new features, and we’re confident that it will be an instant “classic” in our expansive product lineup. BlackHawk’s revolutionary Kestrel line of products have been quoted as “the closest feeling to free-flight paragliding you can experience with a motor!”

IMPROVED “CG” AND COMPATIBILITY: BlackHawk has been working on a new engine mounting plate which will come standard with the 2019 Kestrel V3 Cage. This makes the same Kestrel main frame compatible with several different BlackHawk engines. This new design has allowed us to eliminate the previously used spacers and banana brackets! This saves weight while moving the motor even closer to the Pilot’s back – creating a lighter feel and more efficient center-of-gravity. The prop placement is also now 6.3cm (2½”) set back from the cage hoop which greatly reduces the chances of ever having a prop strike the cage.

LOW-PROFILE “KICKSTAND”: In the past, BlackHawk used a semi-pronounced 3” “kickstand” (metal bar to help the motor remain upright while not in use). We've managed to shorten this metal bar to 1”, while still achieving sufficient stability when the motor is sitting upright on the ground. This eliminates more weight and prevents the bar from bending if it makes contact with the ground on takeoff / landing.

LET’S TALK WEIGHT: With all of these new features, BlackHawk has still managed to keep the 2019 Kestrel V3 the same weight as the original Kestrel design! Instead of eliminating certain safety features or compromising the incredible strength of this cage, we've found the perfect balance of both safety and strength.

WANT EVEN MORE? GO ELITE: Of course we also have a NEW Team Series “Kestrel V3 Pro Elite” cage available for Pilots who want even more from their Paramotoring experience. This ultimate upgrade features a carbon fiber seat board, carbon fiber rods, and fully CNC’d “Acro Arms.” The V3 Pro Elite is also 900g (2 lbs) lighter than the standard Kestrel V3!

The same items used on the new Kestrel-3 Cage

2 year manufacturers defect warranty and cages are made in house at BlackHawk.

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