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EXTREAMLY SICK Chain Drive 4x4WD !

Cams hydraulic Chain-drive 4x4, about 2.2mt of UP or DOWN movement on each tire !


  • Engine is a fuel injected Ford 5.0 V8 out of a '93 cobra mustang.
  • C4 transmission out of an early bronco.
  • 9" w/ 5.38 gears and ARB air locker mounted in the center (below driver) running chain gears on the ends where the swing arms pivot.
  • Swing arms are hydraulically controlled individually or together, and there is coil spring and shock suspension as well.
  • Large chains running inside the swing arms turn hummer gear reduction (2:1) hubs at each wheel.
  • Tires are 39.5".
  • The steering is linked through the swing arms as well and the steering box is mounted just infront of the axle below the driver.
  • Body construction is steel tubing. (mostly DOM)
  • Total weight is 2'700kg (5'900 LB).
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