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NOW Select the Equipment you want to Order with your AERO-1000: Package Deal;

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  . Seating:
  . Cage:
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Calculate your Total Flight Weight (Click Here)Pop Up Page, as this is very important ! (inc. You, Wing, Engine, Cage & Quad etc.)

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 (.)= Items included in this Package Deal !


TTO Tach & Hour Gauge: (with Lithium battery)


TTO Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge: (with Lithium battery)


Velocity CORE paraglider. (optional Select Above)


Assembly DVD.


Risk and Reward DVD.


Glider Carry Stuff bag.


Wind Sock.


Propeller Covers.


Black Hawk Flight Jacket or Suit.


Tool Kit.


Glider/line Repair Kit.


Paramotor Bible.


Engine Manual.


 LowBoy-3 EXTRAS: (discounted with Package Deal)


Cage Line Guides.


Strobe Light - "D" cell battery.

  . PPG Engine Cover (Foot Launch).   .

PPG Engine Cover (Quad).


2x 5W VHF/UHF/FM Transceivers, Strobe, Alarm & desktop chargers (VHF:136~174MHz/UHF:400~480MHz/FM Receiver) 40+km range.


Deluxe Blue-tooth Paramotor Radio Helmet.


Black Hawk Radio Chest Harness.


Extra 2 Blade Timber Propeller.


Extra set of Propeller Covers for spare prop.


NB: ALL SAFTEY EQUIPMENT IS SOLD AT COST PRICE, this is to encourage safety above profit in this Great Sport !

      Water Rescue & Reserve equipment is especially Important if flying near Water and/or for general safety.


Agama® Water Rescue for Person & Paraengine.


Reserve Chute BRACKET for Quad.


RC-L 41m2 Foot Launch Reserve Chute (80~100kg)


RC-XL 47m2 Foot Launch Reserve Chute (95~125kg)


RC-XXL 51m2 Foot Launch Reserve Chute (120~160kg)


RC-XXXL 56m2 Tandem/Quad Reserve Chute (140~200kg)

® Floatation Systems have not been tested for the combined HellCat, Quad & Passengers weight and may not float correctly !

REMEMBER: The final Cost is calculated to the exchange rate the day TT Payment is made!

US$  Package Deal Equipment Cost $


FREIGHTING:Engine Only Purchase.Foot Launch. LowBoy Lite TRIKE Package. LowBoy-3 Package Deal.

** US$ Air Freight Shipping & Delivery $



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Your Total Flight Weight is:

 kg  (e.g. You &/or another person, inc. All equipment you plan to fly with. Water/Fuel is 1kg litre)

If Ordering a Paraglider Wing/Glider, what is Colour preference ? PopPage

 Glider Colour.      I will decide Glider colour later !

Please enter any questions you have here.

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Freight price above are approximate, that includes Air & Road Freight delivery to your door, we will have to get back to you with as actual cost, as it fluctuates based on boxed Size, Weight and Shipment Destination !

All freight delivery to your door is "at cost", based on your location!


FREE Pick-Up is available from our office in Lilyfield 2040, Sydney, NSW.


Please Note: You may incurred additional government charges prior to delivery from freight company.

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