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TANDEM Low Boy-2 Buggy

This design has been upgraded to Low Boy-3 Buggy.

BlackHawk TANDEM Low Boy-2 Buggy



The new LowBoy-2 features a "raked" front end, "angled" rear outer stub axles, lower ground clearance 18cm (7"), lower hang point attachment, a racing bucket seat with a 4 point harness, adjustable billet aluminium hang points with brass bearings, the Solo Quad weighs just 31kg, Tandem 35kg.

LowBoy-2 Quad can be ordered with these items !TOP

Comes standard with above featured light weight polished 15cm aluminium rims and 32cm ribbed aircraft style 2 ply tires, the Quad front wheelbase width is 157cm and 170cm rear, wheelbase length front to rear axle centre 150cm, with Fat beach tyres the front width is 172cm and 183cm rear, length is 160cm, these widths can be altered by shortening the length of the axles.

Axles held in place via Quick pins for easy dismantling or bolted, although any slip joint in our quad frame can be Quick pined or Bolted permanently for trailer roll out applications.


  • Lowboy-II Quad Chassis & Frame =18.0 kg
  • Billet Hang Points =0.5 kg
  • 4 x standard wheels & stub axles =11 kg
    4 Fat beach wheels & stub axles =14 kg (optional)
  • 4 x 25mm fibreglass axles =1.4 kg
  • Front seat kit inc. Seat Belts & Brackets =4.30 kg
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 35.2 kg

The engine Cage to Chassis top mounting brackets clamp to rear Roll Cage cross member, and are made of aluminium and held in place with four Hi-Tensile Allan key bolts.

The front and rear axles are 2.5cm (1") thick incredibly strong fibreglass suspension axles, they slide into the lower frame compartment instantly, to make it only 1.65mt wide for easy loading into a pickup or trailer, or the Quad complete disassembles quickly in under 5 minutes.

Let’s talk Paint! The Frame is sandblasted and then powder coat primer is applied.  The final powder coat is completed in your choice of either Black Cherry Metallic with Clear Coat or Gunsmoke Silver Metallic with Clear Coat, Custom Colours on request !

We are currently designing a modular crate system to transform into two separate cargo crates 2/3 ratio that can be turned into a workstation, desk etc. the quad wheels will be able to be attached to the outside of the crate to enable your equipment to be easily moved around.

Seriously, you will NOT find a better looking more stable, lighter, better flying wheeled Quad in Powered Paragliding!



  • Custom colours.
  • Aluminium A-Assists brackets.
  • Wheeleze Wheels and Tires for launching off Beach or sugar type sand.
  • Custom modifications for anyone with a handicap are free!


The LowBoy-2 Quad is by far the safest and easiest way to launch and fly a powered paraglider ever made. The LowBoy-2 Quad is may times safer then any other machine ever made as it will handle the worst and most uneven terrain and off centre paraglider's and still stay upright on its wheels.


It is incredibly strong as it is made with 4130 Chrome Moly steel construction, has fibreglass axles for amazing suspension with over 30cm of wheel travel (will handle any terrain no matter how bad), has easy straight axle steering. High speed wheel bearings, comfortable racing seat with cover and 4 point harness.


Can be used for single or tandem passenger flight, low centre of gravity, super easy to launch and land. Extremely safe and fun to fly!


Entire frame can be disassembled in less then 5 minutes for compact travel. Optional wheeleze balloon tires & wheels available.


The LowBoy-2 Quad will fit and can be used with all major brands of para engine cages on the market today, including: Fresh Breeze, Fly Products and of course the very best of all the BlackHawk MZ313 Paraengine.


BlackHawk paraengine's come standard with the BlackHawk Kestrel-HH Cage but can be upgraded to the Kestrel, Rhino or XXLT Rhino Cage. For quad applications we recommend the Rhino or XXLT Rhino. For more info on the Cages visit our Paraengine Cages page

Has a low centre of gravity, very comfortable racing seat and foot bar on the passenger seat, super easy to launch and land. Extremely safe & fun to fly!

A Full Tandem LowBoy-2 Quad frame, XXLT Rhino cage with Engine & Frame, Aluminium Wheels, Axles, 34m2 Glider in backpack, Two propellers and even a Foot launch Harness with "J" bars, fit into a Cargo Case 175cm wide x 80cm Depth x 66cm High, a Foot launch Kit will fit into a case just over half that size.

For Quad applications we recommend the standard Rhino or Rhino-XXLT with either 122cm/132cm/137cm (48"/52"/54") prop. For more info on the Cages visit our Paraengine Cages page

Read this great article on Launching & Landing a "Wheeled Powered Paraglider" (WPPG).

See our Training & Quad Assembly Video Manuals

Speed of Assemble is usually slower as you should perform a safety check of all the elements required for a safe flight !

NB: Our Quad is Fully Quick Pined inc. both seats, except for the 4 outer wheel stub axles & the front & rear Quad Chassis remain bolted & permanently assembled, we simply lay the front & rear roll cage bars & cross member bar down onto each other as they lay virtually flat for easy transport or for packing everything into a Cargo crate or simply throw everything into the back of Y'a Ute !

Obviously leaving your Quad fully assembled & rolling it off a Box trailer etc, will enable you to be Flying in a matter of minutes once you lay out your Wing & warm up your engine !

* We used a Rattle screw gun with a allen key bit, as it takes approx. 4 minutes to remove the propeller manually with an allen key.

A SPECIAL Designed Self steering Quad for a Disabled Pilot !


NB: This design has changed to our New Low Boy-3 Buggy.

Tandem Quad Buggy.

Tandem LowBoy-2 Quad

Tandem Quad comes standard with the following;

  • Pilot seat with Clip-on cushioned cover & fittings.
  • Four point racing seatbelt harness with fittings.
  • Tandem passenger seat, cover, seat belt, foot bar & adaptation kit.
  • 4x Polished Aluminium Rims with 2ply tubeless Aviation style tyres.
  • 4x angled chrome molly outer Stub-Axles for wheels. (rear with wings)
  • 2x front roll cage bars.
  • 2x rear roll cage bars.
  • 2x top Double skinned hang point bars.
  • Aluminium Billeted Hang Points with brass bushes.
  • 4x 2.5cm solid Fibreglass suspension Axles.
  • 4x Quick Pins. (for quick removal of tyres with axles for transport)
  • 2x long Aluminium angle brackets to mount Pilot seat to Quad chassis
  • 2x lower Aluminium Cage mounting brackets. (mounts Engine chassis to the lower Quad chassis)
  • 2x upper Aluminium Cage mounting brackets. (mounts Engine chassis to the rear Quad roll cage cross member)
  • Assembly Bolts, Nylon lock Nuts, Grommets, Washers to assemble the Quad.
  • (see Video of how to Assemble our Quad - this is a Video walking around our QuadTOP)


  • "A" Assist Brackets & fittings.
  • Additional 14 Quick Pins for rapid disassembly of the Quad & seat for transportation.
  • Fat beach Tyres & Rims for sugar type sand launch & landings.
  • 20cm (8") polished aluminium rims, standard size is 15cm (6").
  • Custom modifications for anyone with a handicap are free.


NB: Even though the front seat is designed to carry a passenger, many pilots simply use the seat to carry a Glider too & from a launch site, some even design & manufacture there own cargo box(s) to carry camping/fishing/prospecting gear etc..

To fly our quad all you need is fit an Engine into a Cage & Chassis & fit Hang points & a Glider !

Video walking around our LowBoy-2 Quad.


See our Training & Quad Assembly Video Manuals



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