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Also here are some Fuel Oil Mixing Ratio Charts

Imperial to Metric converter.

NB: This calculator converts Metric to Imperial and vice versa, it will give you a reasonably close conversion.

US Gallons . = Litres
UK Gallons . = Litres
ounces /yard. = grams /metre2
(square) foot2 = metre2 (square)
(square) yard2 = metre2 (square)
(cubic) foot3 = metre3 (cubic)
Feet = Metres
Yards = Metres
Inches = Centimetres
(Pounds) Lb = Kg (Kilograms)
(Atmospheres) Atm = Kpa (Kilopascals)
(Pounds square inch) Psi = Kpa
Miles = Kilometres
Acres  = Hectares
Fahrenheit = Celsius
Diameter  = Circumference
Radius  = Circumference
Horsepower  = kWatt

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