BlackHawk Australia
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:: ORDER an Engine Package Deal ::

Ordering is a two step process;

Page-1: We get your contact details and delivery address.
Page-2: Then you select the Package Deal and any additional equipment you require.

If you are Not ready to Order yet, and just want to see our Package Deal Prices Click Here!

ORDER: AMP ELECTRIC 10kW Motor Package Deal.

minimum 50 minutes flying time on one Battery Pack.

Foot launch

Max. 90kg Pilot.

ORDER: BlackHawk 90 Package Deal.

BlackHawk 90cc, 2 stroke, 18.5Hp engine.

Foot launch

Max. 85kg Pilot.

ORDER: BlackHawk 125 Package Deal.

BlackHawk 125cc, 2 stroke, 21.5Hp engine.

Foot launch

Max. 104kg Pilot.

Raptor X4 150cc Package Deal. (Under development 2018)

Revetec Raptor X4 Cylinder, 4 stroke, 22Hp engine.

Foot launch

Max. 163kg Flight Weight.

ORDER: Banshee-190 Package Deal.

BlackHawk 190cc, 4 stroke, 22Hp engine.

Foot & Wheel launch

Max. 163kg Flight Weight.

ORDER: Talon 190 Package Deal.

BlackHawk Talon 190cc, 2 stroke, 26.6Hp engine.

Foot & Wheel launch

Max. 170kg Flight Weight.

ORDER: AirMax 220 Package Deal.

AirMax 210cc, Ram Air cooled, 2 stroke, 30Hp engine.

Foot & Wheel launch

Max. 180kg Flight Weight.

ORDER: Intruder-250 Package Deal.

BlackHawk Intruder 250cc, EFI, 4 stroke, 35Hp engine.

Wheeled launch

Max. 227kg Flight Weight.


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