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What makes the BlackHawk powered paragliders the most popular brand and why are pilots choosing it 15 to 1 over all other brands on the market ?

BlackHawk Powered Paraglider Limited Warranty:

Each and every item that makes up a BlackHawk powered paraglider is fully warranted 100% for two years to the original purchaser from the date of original purchase of any factory defects. The following items are included in this warranty: cage, couplers, rods, frame, gas tank, harness, carabineers, throttle, engine mounts and engine mount plates. This warranty excludes any and all items that are damaged by the Pilot in launching, landing, flying or transporting or misuse of said BlackHawk Powered Paraglider. The Compact Radial 313cc engines are warranted for 6 months from date of purchase from any manufacture defects by the factory.


The BlackHawk standard frame, J-bars, Harness and Carabineers placement are all positioned to mimic the free flight experience with excellent weight shift turning ability on our stock frame. The optional geared J-bar auto steering weight shift kit can actually exceed the weight shift on many free flight harness with no hands steering of up to 10 inches of riser travel. Many Paramotor brands advertise good weight shift on their frames but in reality have little to none available on most brand models. The carabineers and harness leave the pilot's hands in a very comfortable low position and allow complete access to the risers in flight.

Many paramotor brands have such high carabineers placement that they do not allow access to the risers or the pilots hand are high up above his head in a very uncomfortable place *(NOT THE BLACKHAWK)*.



The BlackHawk has an unusually comfortable harness for a paramotor, deep well padded seat and back rest. BlackHawk spent years changing and redesigning their harness for Powered Paragliders so that it is extremely comfortable both on the ground and in the air, as well as very easy to get into the seat once in flight. Most other paramotor brand harness are torture chambers in flight and pilots cannot fly longer then a few minutes because of poorly designed harness.

50% of all new BlackHawk paramotor owners have owned other brand paramotors and switched to the BlackHawk because of its extreme comfort in flight and ease of launching from the ground. It comes with three large pockets, two on the sides and one large one under the seat. The zippers are easy pull and the pockets are deep for lots of storage. This harness can be adjusted to be comfortable from a 5' pilot all the way up to the 6'7” pilots as well.



The exclusive BlackHawk comfort pad, is a one inch thick foam cover pad that insulates the pilot from all engine vibrations and adds to the incredible smooth ride of the BlackHawk paramotor. The BlackHawk is renowned for its comfort in flight and on the ground due to the harness, back comfort pad and the exclusive curved back frame just like on a human back (No straight bars/frame pushing into your back causing flight fatigue & vibration like all other brands on the market today).



The BlackHawk Throttle not only will fit a pilot with a very large hand but will also fit the very smallest woman's hand with ease as well. The easy to reach kill switch is protected so as not to accidentally kill the engine in flight. The throttle post is rubber covered to insulate the aluminium post for those cold morning flights. The Velcro strap will accommodate the largest glove and still secure the throttle from coming off the pilot hands. This throttle can be placed in the left or right hand with ease and is long enough to sit right on the pilot's lap for those long fun flights.



1. The BlackHawk frames are made of aircraft grade aluminium which is incredibly strong yet very light weight at the same time. The frame back is curved to fit the human back comfortably with no pressure points to stress or fatigue the pilot in flight.

2. The BlackHawk suitcase frame is the only one that breaks down into individual parts that allow it to fit completely into our standard airline ready suitcase in less then 4 minutes.

3. Our frames sits high up on the pilot's back (even on the smallest pilot) so the weight is easy to carry and the pilot's legs are completely free to run with no possibility of kicking anything on the bottom of the cage (like the gas tank, frame or prop like on many other paramotor brands). This high up frame configuration makes the BlackHawk paramotor by far the easiest paramotor ever designed to launch. Most brand paramotors make the pilot struggle too hard just to get in the air due to their poor designs.

Most all other brands have a low frame which makes 25kg feel more like 35kg and the pilot is not able to run properly due to low hanging frames or gas tanks hitting their feet or legs. The centre of gravity on the BlackHawk is perfectly centred down the middle of the frame so the weight is close to the pilot's back for easy carrying & running on the ground. Most all other paramotors have the centre of gravity weight away from the pilot's back making launching of the paramotor very difficult, as the pilot feels as if he is going to fall over backwards.

4. It is easy to stand up off the ground with the BlackHawk due to the seat being one foot off the ground and the paramotor harness being secured closely to the pilot's back and not flopping around like many other paramotor brands. This high up seat protects the pilot in a hard landing. The frame will contact the ground prior to the pilot touching down absorbing much of the impact.

5. The BlackHawk is the only paramotor with complete portability so it can be taken in a motor-home, boat, airplane or even in the smallest of cars.

6. The BlackHawk cage is extremely strong for forward launches but also is easy, fast and cheap to repair if ever damaged. Most brands on the market are not nearly as strong as the BlackHawk. If damaged they cost a small fortune to repair along with waiting months for parts. (NOT with the BlackHawk, it is easy, cheap and fast to repair.)


Removable Gas Tank

Our gas tanks removes completely from the engine Chassis frame in seconds (BlackHawk exclusive), which allows for easy transporting of the paramotor with no spills or smells (as long as switch off the fuel tap & run the carby dry) and no hassle easy mixing and filling of the gas tank. The gas tank cap, fuel line, and vent lines are all screw down positive sealed with no leaks whatsoever. Many new pilots are not aware of the huge advantage of a removable gas tank in their daily usage of their paramotor, but appreciate this many times over once they start flying.

The BlackHawk gas tank is lower then the engine in the event of a leak for absolute safety (gas tanks above the engine can be extremely dangerous). It is positioned lower then the engine and well above the ground and close to the frame for complete safety.

The shape of the BlackHawk petrol tank holds the fuel centred with little ability to slosh from side to side. (like most tanks in use today on other brand paramotors they slosh and move and shift the pilot when the weight of the gas moves.)



BlackHawk only uses the highest quality materials and far exceeds all other brands on the market in every aspect of construction. The smallest details have been considered to achieve not only the strongest paramotor, easiest to launch, extreme comfort and most portable paramotor available today.


Parts availability

We have one of the largest dealer networks in the world and from our fabrication & distribution centre in California, most parts are usually always available within 24 hours of order. Many paramotor dealers, factories, and distributors work part time from their homes and garages and do not have the resources to properly service their customers (why wait 4 months and not be able to fly waiting for parts from other dealer?), when we arrange shipment the following day of order clearance !


Why buy the BlackHawk paramotor over all other brands?

There is always one brand that far exceeds all others in design, quality, dependability and looks, whether it's a vehicles, computers or airplanes, and simply said, the BlackHawk is that brand in powered paragliders !
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