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BlackHawk LowBoy-3 Quad & Trike

:: The ALL NEW BlackHawk LowBoy-3 QUAD or TRIKE ::

A new generation of wheeled Paramotor platforms: The ALL-NEW BlackHawk LowBoy-III is going to be a game-changer in the Powered Paragliding Industry. BlackHawk has always been the leading innovator in the sport and this platform is no exception. In fact, it's the very FIRST Paramotor "Hybrid" platform produced by BlackHawk. This means the LowBoy-III can be converted from a Quad to a Trike in just seconds. Flying in higher winds with uneven terrain, or just getting into the sport?  Use the LowBoy-III in "Quad-Mode" for extra lateral stability! Once you are an experienced Pilot and start traveling, you can put your LowBoy III into "Trike-Mode" and save some space.

There's no need to choose now between a Quad or a Trike! As you can enjoy both worlds without having to purchase both – exclusively from BlackHawk!

The LowBoy-III Just Got a whole lot better: How does over 12kg (28 lbs) lighter sound?  BlackHawk has incorporated 6061 large-diameter aluminium tubing, making the platform lighter without sacrificing durability. The LowBoy III comes standard with our Tundra-style tires now and features thicker fiberglass axles for even more added strength. With quick-release pins located throughout the platform, it's never been easier to collapse or fold it for transporting. BlackHawk has incorporated a new multi-positional hang point system. This allows Pilots to adjust the Para-motor’s center-of-gravity very quickly and with consistent precision.

Our NEW 2020 Lowboy QUAD, easier & Safer than Foot Launch !


Lowboy-3 SOLO QUAD with optional larger diameter wheels.


Lowboy-3 TANDEM QUAD with optional larger diameter wheels.
Mike the Designer.   Pre-production Tandem modelling.


Due to Trike’s inherent instability whilst on the Ground, Trike’s are only recommended for experienced Pilots.


Student 1st Flight on LowBoy-3 with an Aero-1000, 4 Stroke Paramotor.

LowBoy-3 Assembly Video.


Flying like an Eagle, Great video 10* star!

Why a 4 wheeled Quad is far superior than a 3 wheeled Trike !


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