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BlackHawk LowBoy-II Solo & Tandem Quad

Solo Quad

Tandem Quad

Solo Trike

The BlackHawk LowBoy-II QUAD was designed and built by Mike Robinson who utilized his extensive experience in building custom Harleys. The LowBoy-II features a new "raked" front end, "angled" rear outer stub axles, lower ground clearance 18cm (7"), the newer lower hang point bar attachment are spaced to glider manufacturers require 49.5~50cm (19.5"~20.5"), (old LowBoy-I was anywhere from 22" to 24").

The LowBoy-II Quad was designed to be rigged and flown as close to a foot launch configuration as possible, if you think about it when your hang points are too wide, each side is stretching the middle glider lines, and leaving the outside ones loose, thus the gliders shape into something it was not designed for! The LowBoy-II also has racing bucket seat with a 4 point harness, adjustable billet aluminium hang points with brass bearings, a Solo quad weighs just 31kg (Tandem 35kg).

Comes standard with 15cm light weight polished aluminium rims with steel ball bearings and fitted with 32cm tubeless ribbed aircraft style 2 ply tires, the Quad width is 157cm front and 170cm rear, wheelbase length front to rear axle centre is 150cm (with Fat beach tyres the width is 172cm front and 183cm rear, wheelbase length is 160cm, the Quad width can be altered by shortening the length of the fibreglass axles.

Our 2.5cm Fibreglass Axles can be held in place with Quick pins for easy removal, any slip joint on our quad frame can also be Quick pined or Bolted permanently for trailer roll out applications. If you want to totally flat pack the quad, inc removing the Seat(s) you will require an additional 16 quick pins for Solo Quad, or 19 quick-pins for Tandem Quad.

Even though the LowBoy Tandem (front) seat is designed to carry a passenger, many pilots simply use the seat to carry a Glider too & from a launch site, some even design & manufacture there own cargo box to carry camping/fishing/prospecting/shooting equipment etc..

Our LowBoy-II Quad's have also been fitted with a small Glider and used for ground sailing !

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