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:: MZ-313cc Muffler Mount Upgrade ::

Why do Pilots using a MZ-313cc Engine break the standard Muffler Mounts ?


Simply put, many pilots make one or both of these mistakes:

  1. Firstly, many pilots mistakenly set the Idle slower than the recommended 1'800 rpm (as it runs Quieter), doing so for prolonged periods & especially whilst warming up the engine can actually stretch and damage the Re-Drive Belt !
    A Propeller acts like a Flywheel on a normal engine, the centrifugal force of a prop actually works against the Piston during and after Combustion, remember the slowest a MZ-313cc Engine should Idle at is 1'800 rpm ! (turn the idle clockwise &/or the "L" mixture screw CC to increase rpm)

    If your engine will not rev above/to 5'900~6'200 revs you need to richen the fuel supply, by turning "H" mixture screw CC, if the engine is running too lean, it can causing Overheating and can quickly burn a hole in the piston under heavy load or high altitude !

    If you think your Carby need servicing, download this 1.7GB file & Burn it onto a DVD, it is a Great DVD and shows you quite a few great tricks for Very Safe and quick trouble free carby Tuning.

  2. Secondly, pilots fail to properly inspect the engine & muffler mounts etc. after a reasonably Hard Wheeled landing (or after Foot Launch fall) especially when a prop is damaged or broken.  Any hard landing can cause unseen damage, as the Cage usually hits the ground first, causing the engine to twist & transfer the force onto the engine & Muffler Mounts.

The standard Muffler mounts only have approx. 5kg shear rate, the new ones shown below can be purchase in Australia from several outlets, look for mounts with a 45kg shear rate !

These 45kg rated mounts are approx. twice the price of the original mounts, this price is a pittance compared to replacing a prop that is usually damaged or shattered at the same time !

Measure your mounts, these Mounts may be the replacement ones you need, I will upload the ones I was told are the best if & when I can locate the file.


NB: This Upgrade conversion can be done without removing the engine from the cage, the images below are shown as a guide for you to better understand this conversion.

Old mount next to the New mount.

The standard engine mount bold need to be replaced with a recessed Hi-tensile strength Bolt.

Countersink original hole, so a larger diameter rubber mount can be fitted, and as the New Muffler mount covers the tapered headed bolt. it also stops it coming undone.

High tensile recessed Allen key bolt.

Replaces original engine bolt.

Wider & Stronger mount in place.

The New Muffler mount partly covers the New recessed engine bolt, that stop it coming loose.

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