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BlackHawk 125 engine



Force Air cooled 125cc


max RPM:



Reduction Type:

Centrifugal Clutch




Blade Type:

2 Blade Prop


60 kg

(131 lbs)

Climb rate:

90 mpm (300 fpm)

Method Start:

Pull Start

Fuel Tank:

12 litre (3.2 US gallons)

Flight time:

4.3 hrs

Frame type:

Travel, Kestrel or Rhino Cages

Max Pilot Weight:

104kg (230 Lbs)

Unit dry Weight:

(Engine & Cage)

Travel Cage

20kg (44 Lbs)

Rhino Cage

21.3kg (47 Lbs)

Black Hawk BH125 Paramotor

Limited Warranty:

Each and every item that makes up a BlackHawk Powered Paraglider is fully Warranted 100% for two years to the original purchaser from the date of original purchase of any factory defects. The following items are included in this warranty: cage, couplers, rods, frame, gas tank, harness, carabineers, throttle, engine mounts and engine mount plates. This warranty excludes any and all items that are damaged by the Pilot in launching, landing, flying or transporting or misuse of said BlackHawk Powered Paraglider. The BlackHawk engines are warranted for 6 months from date of purchase from any manufacture defects. Not included under our warranty are any type of engine seizures caused by improper carburetor tuning ,adjustment or failure to properly follow the manufacturers maintenance instructions.

Engine price include everything you need to run the engine but no prop or battery, engine come with everything mounted on them like the exhaust, carby, air filter, gear drive and clutch etc, and even the rubber mounts on the back.


The BlackHawk BH-125 has been hugely popular and we can understand why. Great power for its size, by far the strongest 125cc engine we've tested and unbeaten reliability. The 3 training engines now have well over 250+ hours each on them with out a single problem. We have pilots from 50kg up to 100kg flying this engine.

We've been working with HE for the past few months and together we've made some adjustments, the depth of the engine has been reduced to keep the engine closer to the pilots back. Another change is the use of angle cut gears in the reduction drive system, this has not only substantially reduced the weight, but has virtually removed all gear noise on this already quiet engine. The prop hub is now CnC aluminum that allows for 3 different prop bolt hole configurations! The overall weight has been reduced by over 1.4kg making this engine only 1.8kg heavier than the top80; a generous trade for the 9+ kg increase in thrust.

The BH-125 has been conceived to match the power needs of the new type of paramotor wings. Their reflex section whilst increasing the speed of the wing also increases their sink rate. To compensate, these wings need more power. Unlike many other engines in its category, the power curve of the BH-125 remains constant even under high temperatures. Indeed its remarkable air cooling system insures a thrust of 57~61kg. To respect the paraglider, the BH-125 delivers its power progressively and securely.

Its incredible strength and reliability are enjoyed throughout the world. Also its easy pull start mechanism and centrifugal clutch are particularly appreciated in the many schools and beginner pilots that use the BH-125... The BlackHawk-125 is D.U.L.V. certificated. This means that they comply with the noise standards, environmental and technical set by the toughest certifying body in Germany. This is one of the quietest engines available today. The BlackHawk HE125 come standard with the BlackHawk Kestrel-HH Cage, can be upgraded to the Kestrel-WS, Rhino or Rhino XXLT cage. For more info on the Cages visit our Paramotor Cages page

This engine recommended for a Total Flight Weight of 100kg (220lbs).

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