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This page is kept for assembly information.

BlackHawk Travel Cage $2'950.

Manufactured with all aircraft grade aluminium, 144cm hoop, 15mm MIG welded Aircraft grade aluminium tube construction, a unique two piece ladder bar engine frame, CNC'd connectors and last but not least a Strong double hoop!  Incredibly, even with this super strong double hoop it still breaks down and fits into a suitcase or trunk of a car for easy transport.

This Cage and two piece Engine Chassis and weighs 5.80kg.

Harness and J bars are additional Cost $550.

NB: This cage has the improved Double String Netting shown below.

Bottom Half of Chassis.

Top & Bottom half of Chassis Joined.

The Rods & Strops.

See how Compact the Cage Parts are.

Call us for more information Mobile: 0407 10 30 57 or Order this Cage 

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