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This Cage is no longer in production.

This page is only kept for assembly information.

BlackHawk Travel Cage.

2014 Travel Cage:

This design with all aircraft grade aluminium, 144cm hoop, 15mm Mig welded Aircraft grade aluminium tube construction, a unique two piece ladder bar engine frame, CNC'd connectors and last but not least a double hoop!  Incredibly, even with this super strong double hoop it still breaks down and fits into a suitcase or trunk of a car for easy transport.

This Cage and two piece Frame weighs 5.80kg, some 900g (2lb) less than our famous suitcase cage of the past!

This cage was superseded in 2014 by the Kestrel series of cages !

See Cage & Harness Assemble VideoPage opens in seperate window !

NB: The improved Netting !


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