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:: BlackHawk Communications Helmet ::

BlackHawk’s Open face Paramotor helmet.

ONLY One remaining in Stock, is Matt Black and slightly different fittings!

Cost *US$375 =AU$535 +postage.

The Last unit DISCOUNTED to sell, AU$430 +postage.

These Deluxe BlackHawk Paramotor Helmets were designed by our Team Pilots – with suggestions made by our pilots.

Not all helmets are equal in Powered Paragliding. Many Pilots use their motorcycle helmets and come to find they are missing key PPG-friendly features.

A perfect example is in the implementation of DUAL push-to-talk buttons.

Most Pilots have a throttle, toggles, or both in any given hand.

These new Deluxe Helmets not only have (2) push-to-talk buttons, but they are raised and angled on a ledge for ease of access.

This especially comes in handy for left-handed pilots or those trying to locate the button with thick gloves. If you are a fan of cross-country flight, these helmets are packed with features to ensure you are comfortable on your adventures.

They feature a fully-padded interior, gel ear-cups, perfectly placed vents for air circulation, a padded chinstrap, and a removable face shield to protect you from the elements.

The noise-cancelling military-grade microphone features a removable / washable mouthpiece and provides crystal clear communication. At BlackHawk Paramotors, we take safety very seriously.

All of our professional safety gear is constructed to the highest standards, utilizing the most durable materials available. If you have any questions about this product or any of BlackHawk’s Powered Paragliding equipment, please CLICK HERE to ORDER.



The 2018 PPG Helmet from BlackHawk!


**Designed by BlackHawk Team Pilots with suggestions made by you.
**Noise-cancelling military-grade microphone.
**Mic features a removable/washable mouthpiece.
**DUAL Angled-ledge push-to-talk buttons.
**Includes soft protective carry sack for storage.
**Strategically placed vents for maximum air flow.
**Comes with a detachable full-face shield (winter flying – protects you from the elements)
**Gel ear-cups for ultimate comfort **Fully padded interior.
**Adjustable push-button padded chin strap.
**BlackHawk 2m Radio ready (dual prong Kenwood connector)
**Detachable connector for universal connectivity.
**Crystal-clear communication.
**Goggle strap (holder) on rear of helmet.

If you have any questions about our helmet,
Call us, we'd be happy to help 02 9555 2131

*US$ divided by current exchange rate.

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