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Motorised Paragliding Endorsement Courses:


• Want the freedom to more reliably choose where and when you fly ?

• Want to launch from your backyard and fly to your mates place ?

• Want to fly around those places you've always dreamed of ?

• Want to motor up, switch off and ride the cloud, start it up again and fly home ?

• Want to fly above the clouds ?

• Want to fly with the Eagles ?

• Most importantly should want to learn the best tips from the most willing and able active paramotor schools or trainers in Australia !

Foot Launch Paramotoring Accreditation is predominantly supported by the SAFA, and offers the most diversified range of Launch & Landing opportunities of paramotoring. Until recently WPPG was under the umbrella of the SAFA.

Wheel Launch Paramotoring (WPPG) Accreditations is currently supported by the SAFA and the RAA, WPPG training should offers quicker & cheaper training, as you don't need to learn all the complicated foot launch & landing procedures. Great if you are not as fit, young or you simply don't want to run with weight on your shoulders to enjoy this amazing sport ! A good article on Wheeled Launch & Landing procedures)

The above course are aimed at giving a student the broadest range of skills possible and being able to offer more to students. Training areas are varied, both near the coast and at inland low traffic airstrips which means you get the complete range of conditions to learn the necessary skills.

As with most courses they should be self paced. So even though some promote progression, you don’t get ticked off on requirements until you are ready.

International WPPG training courses take 3~4 days training depending on your skill-set.

However, the average amount of time required to complete the Wheeled Training cource via the SAFA’s criteria for this endorsement is 14 days. These courses normally comprises of three days of training which in our experience is best spread over 5 days, but in most cases may take 2 weekends.

Some trainers offer VHF Radio Courses. We strongly recommend you purchase an approved radio and text book if you are thinking about doing this endorsement, having a radio may save your life if you intend to fly where there is a chance of other fast moving Aircraft flying in the area.

We regularly referred pilots to paragliding schools around Australia which is testament to our commitment to make this a reputable sport. You should take endorsement very seriously, especially the cross country which is usually an excuse to come flying with you!

PPG & WPPG Flight Trainers should be competent enough to train you on your equipment and supply you with communication gear during your training, if you don't have any.

Some CFI have there own mobile purpose built simulator. Sessions in the simulator are priceless and have become just another feature of professional training courses.

We strongly recommend you purchase a copy of Risk and Reward DVD if you are thinking about doing the change over to motorised flying, also available is ‘The Powered Paragliding Bible’ by Jeff Goin, which we feel is currently the best text currently available world wide (these are standard items included in all our package deals).

Be very serious about motorised paragliding courses. We believe if you have the highest level of competence available in Australia you will look forward to sharing it with others, as there are many misconceptions about paragliding and paramotoring equipment, we highly recommend you consult us before parting with your money. Unfortunately there are many dealers around that sell gear that haven't bothered test flying, our manufacturers have a great track record of training & equipment quality control, so check with us first please.

This video shows you the advanced skills that can be accomplished with a motorised PPG !

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