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:: LowBoy Quad -v- AeroChute Trike ::

We have been getting a lot of interest now that we have a purpose built water cooled 4 stroke aviation engines fitted to the LowBoy-3 Quad, against the Australian made AeroChute Trike !

In 2016, the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved the SAFA wheeled training syllabus, enabling pilots to Fly a Wheeled Launch Quad or Trike in Australia, it took over 5 years for the SAFA to satisfy CASA with a Wheeled Powered Paraglider (WPPG) Syllabus.

The RAA also offers Wheeled Flight Training, that is apparently how the heavy & bulky AeroChute got it's certification.

Below, is why may pilots now choose to purchase the all new BlackHawk LowBoy-3 Quad over an AeroChute Trike!

The Real comparison;


:: LowBoy-3 Quad ::


:: AeroChute Trike ::

:: Package Deal Price ::

*from $25'000.00



:: Unit Dry Weight ::

from 57kg



:: Fuel Consumption ::

2 x 12 Litre Tanks

(7+ hrs flying)*


29 Litre Tank

(2 hrs flying)*

:: Wheels ::

Aviation Tyres & Aluminium Rims 

(very stable design)


3 wheelbarrow wheels

 (trike's inherently unstable)

:: Steering ::

Ground Steering



:: Suspension ::

 30cm Fibreglass Axle travel 



:: Brakes ::

Cable Disks




:: Portability ::

Fits into Vehicle boot


Ute or Trailer

:: Launch Distance ::

10 ~ 20mt


20 ~ 30mt

:: Landing Distance ::

3 ~ 10mt


10 ~ 20mt

:: Ground Handling ::

Steering & Suspension


 NO Steering or Suspension

:: In-Flight Handling ::

Finger tip Steering


Heavy pull to Steer

:: Power-off in Flight Gliding ::

Glides like an Eagle (8:1)*


Drop like a stone (3:1)*

* Aprox.

The BlackHawk Lowboy-3 Quad is the clear leader of the Pack !

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