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Old Independent Paraengine Thrust Test Results

In 2011, Wayne Mitchler of Sky-Biker Aviation Inc of Canada, tired of the exaggerated marketing numbers, asked us to allow him to run a true unbiased thrust test at our Salton Sea Fly-In and we were excited to host.

Wayne ran the test over a 2 day period often running each engine 2 times and only taking the best score. The test we run in Salton City, approximately 15mt (50ft) below sea level allowing the engines to perform to their peak. Each manufacture that was in attendance was asked to participate, ParaJet and Nirvana declined. A ParaJet Rotron was loaned to Wayne by a pilot for testing.

There have been claims of inaccuracies by some but these tests were run by an independent source using a fair and accurate measurement system. Everything was done to give the most accurate number possible. We invite any manufacture that disagrees with our test to host their own, We would be happy to repeat these results.

Large Engines, +200CC
Engine Propeller Thrust
BlackHawk Rocket 313 GSC 52" wood 96.16kg (212lbs)
ParaJet Rotron 294 3 blade 48" carbon 95.25kg (210lbs)
Flat top 200 Super Simo 3 blade 51" carbon 78.01kg (172lbs)
Mid Size Engines, 131CC ~ 199CC
Engine Propeller Thrust
BlackHawk Talon 175 GSC 49" wood 81.19kg (179lbs)
Cors-Air Black Devil 172 FORTE 49" Helix carbon 75.29kg (166lbs)
Water Cooled Black Devil 172 48" wood 72.57kg (160lbs)
Ultra Moster 180 (FlatTop Ninja) 49" carbon 69.40kg (153lbs)
Light Weight Engines -130CC
Engine Propeller Thrust
Ultra 130 49" carbon 59.80kg (132lbs)
BlackHawk R120 49" GSC wood 56.70kg (125lbs)
Polini 110 49" carbon 56.70kg (125lbs)
Top 80 49" Helix carbon 49.89kg (110lbs)
BlackHawk R80 49" GSC wood 48.08kg (106lbs)
Top 80 49" carbon 47.63kg (105lbs)

Testing Preformed by: Wayne Mitchler, Sky-Biker Aviation Inc.
Equipment: Linary bearing sled with electronic digital scale
Location: Salton City, CA (California), USA.
Altitude: approximately -15mt (-50 feet)
Date: 4~5th February, 2011
Barometric pressure: 30 inches
Temprature:  18.3°C degrees (65°F)
NB: Nirvana & ParaJet declined the invitation to participate in the testing.

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